“Unleashing the Innovative Future of Sex Toys”

For decades, pleasure and sexual wellness products of all shapes and sizes have been an ever evolving industry. For many, the idea of a sex toy might bring to mind phallic or anatomically represented objects that harken back to the start of sex tech. But that couldn’t be further from the truth – the future of sex toys is here and it’s being re-imagined by cutting edge technology, away from the classic stereotypes.

Re-imagining the Future of Sex Toys

From teledildonic devices with integrated AI, to thought-responsive vibrators, the sex toy industry is rapidly taking smart masturbation to a whole new level. By introducing intuitive and even customizable features, some of the most advanced sex toys can suit the exact needs of their users. Fernanda Lieberman’s Becoming You is one such example, using technology to allow users with disabilities the opportunity to customize their experience with interactive features.

Moreover, many of these new tech enabled sex toys offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility for pleasure-seekers by offering products that can be used anywhere, anytime – all at the touch of a button. LoveSense, a product designed by OhMiBod, produces a variety of vibrators that are remote controlled by an app. It Tassel and Club Vibe versions put the power of pleasure and exploration in the hands of the user, with the ability to send audio and vibrational signals over Wi-Fi – making solo play or partner play and exploration possible from a distance.

Exploring Emerging Technologies and Market Trends

The sex toy industry has seen a major surge since the conception of the internet. Goods and services can now be comfortably purchased online, and with products reaching far beyond traditional vibrators, the sector is now estimated to be worth over $30 billion. The market is not only expanding in terms of monetary value, but consumers now have so much more choice when it comes to pleasure product offerings.

3-D printing is transforming the sector, as it gives consumers and manufacturers the ability to express themselves and attempt to bring their fantasies to life. Also, thanks to advances in materials, biocompatible and body safe silicone is now being used to make products, such as Fleshlight’s Vibro Touch, a product with integrated nodes that is optimized to custom interactive different settings.

The sex tech industry has certainly come a long way. With an ever increasing focus on technology and consumerism, modern day products offer a degree of personalization and convenience that did not exist for the generations pre-2007. Re-imagined with the help of intelligent features and smart design, sex toys are no longer perceived as a stigmatised industry: but a product everyone deserves to enjoy.